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General conditions

General Terms & Conditions (EN)

General Terms & Conditions (EN)

General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all supplies of products or services from Betech, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Amindelige betingelser (DA)

Amindelige betingelser (DA)

Enhver aftale om levering af en ydelse eller et produkt fra Betech er underlagt "Almindelige betingelser", medmindre andet er skriftligt aftalt mellem parterne.

Company addresses and VAT

Sales department, Finance & Administration

Betech A/S

Vesterlundvej 4

DK-2730 Herlev

Production, Warehouse, Purchase & Sales department

Betech A/S

Industrivej 29

DK-6740 Bramming

VAT no.


Bank details

Bank name & address

Nordea A/S
Helgeshøj Allé 33
2630  Tåstrup

For transfers in DKK

Reg. No.: 2191
Account no: 3496830171
IBAN: DK2420003496830171

For transfers in EUR

Reg. No.: 2191
Account no: 5036430305
IBAN: DK3320005036430305

For transfers in USD

Reg. No.: 2191
Account no: 5036536669
IBAN: DK8420005036536669

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