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Tilter® Rec 'LINE

Tilter® Rec is available in 'LINE style: A straight bakc-forward seat motion. Idela for armchairs, lounge and dining chairs.

Tilter® impacts small, controlled slope motions to the chair seat. Such movement allows blood to flow more freely between the legs and other parts of the body.

The Tilter® programme offers three alternative motion styles: 'FREE, 'OVAL and 'LINE.

Each Tilter® type is available in one or more variants differing in motion style. The Tilter® types differ in build-in dimensions and are suitable for different chair types and applications. Choice of Tilter® type therefore depends on the chair concerned and on the required motion style.


Typical Applications

Functional design
Conference chair
Lounge chair

Quality (QA) & Pre-qualification

ISO 9001:2008
JQS Achilles (Oil & Gas)
Sellihca (Utillities)

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