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Se korte informationsfilm om løsninger til udvalgte applikationer, vores produktion og koncern.

Correct Bolt Tightening

Use the optimum cross tightening patern and be aware of correct torque on each bolt.

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This is

Introduction to the Addtech Group which own and develop Betech A/S and around 130 other technology comapnies.

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Collaborative robot in our plant

Betech uses robot automation for pick-and-place process by compression molding of rubber membrane for medical lung device.

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Easy and safe installation

Install wind turbine blades easily and safely: Transport, hoisting and dispensing of heavy fittings and hex nuts.

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Piston rod protection

Extend service life: Protect hydraulic systems and piston rods from dust and damages.

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Sealing irregular wall segments

Keep rainwater outside: Efficient sealing of exterior cast iron wall segments.

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Healthy chair seat motions

Create easy, comfortable chairs. Tilter® is a range products offering three unique seat motion styles - in a durable, non-creaking and minimalist design.

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Active sit-to-stand stool with Tilter®







Create healthy and comfortable chairs! Seatwell Moon and Ufo stools offer 360 degree All-directions seat motions provided by Tilter® Base 'FREE.

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